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    The Flock of Doves

    In this ancient Panchatantra tale, a flock of doves is captured in a hunterʼs net. To escape certain doom, the King of the Doves tells the flock to flap their wings together all at once, as a team. Although they are still trapped in the net, their collective strength allows them to get beyond the hunterʼs reach. When they land they meet up with a colony of mice, who frees the flock by chewing through the net.

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    The Platypus

    This is a creation story about diversity and equality, clearly expressing the idea that our differences are to be celebrated and appreciated, and that no group is ʻbetterʼ than any other. In a very gentle way, this story highlights the value in seeing how we are alike, rather than focusing on the qualities that make us different from one another. The story also speaks to the benefit of having a unique individual viewpoint: The platypus, belonging to no single group, belonged equally to all. His unique viewpoint inspired theother animals to see clearly that they were all, in fact, equal.

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    Words, Like Feathers

    Three women work together, whiling away the hours talking about others in inaccurate, often negative ways. Inevitably, their stories spread outward and eventually become known to the entire village. One such story involved a young boy, unfairly accused of being a thief. In this case, the rabbi was asked to help, and in short order he is able to effectively demonstrate to the three women how difficult it is to ʻtake backʼ harmful words once they are spoken.