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1. Anansi – Story Video

April 14, 2020

This story is a variation of a traditional African / Ashante folktale that is over 300 years old. Entertaining, clever and timeless, it speaks to the important role storytelling continues to play in everyday life. 

This story also sets forth interesting problem solving challenges that seem impossible at first. How on earth could a little spider catch a leopard? Nevertheless, Anansi meets each challenge with creativity, intelligence, and perseverance. (Character Education)

When he achieves his goal, Anansi demonstrates generosity by allowing all the people to have and share the stories equally. As a whole, this beautiful traditional-based folktale demonstrates how stories, and the tradition of storytelling, are inclusive of everyone.

Play the story below and then proceed to the lesson pages.

Based on a classic folktale originating from Africa, retold by Cheryl Thornton with sound design by Matthew Giffin.