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April 17, 2020
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An artistic rendition of a traditional West African storyteller (Griot) telling stories to the community.

What do you think is the main idea or meaning of the story? (Explore the oral tradition and discuss how in many cultures, stories were passed down to subsequent generations through storytelling.) (Text-to-Self)

• Discuss and arrive at a common understanding of inclusion, equality and fairness.

Discuss how this story illustrates and supports these characteristics. (Text-to-Self, Character Education, Equity & Inclusive Education)

• Talk about how such a tiny spider could meet all the challenges set forth by Nyema through creativity, intelligence and perseverance. (Character Education)

• What is creativity? What is intelligence? What is perseverance? (Character Education)

• In this story, Anansi set out to achieve a goal: to bring Nyemaʼs stories to the entire world. Have your students talk about some personal goals they may have as well. (Character Education, Text-to-Self)

• How can creativity, intelligence and perseverance help us achieve our goals?