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April 17, 2020
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This story and the recording can be used as a means to empower students to explore, interpret and express the content of each story in their own unique way.

Creative Visualization and Art Suggestions:

Have your students listen to the recording in a quiet, peaceful setting, perhaps with the lights off and with their eyes closed. Have them pay close attention to how the music and sound effects work with the narration to establish a mood and sense of place. Ask students to express in their own way how these stylistic elements relate to the meaning of the story. (Visualization)

Have students draw the scene of their choice, based on the imagery as depicted in the narration and the music. Encourage personal expression and originality; there is no ʻright or wrong wayʼ to express oneʼs own vision. This story features vivid imagery and characters that can provide the basis for art projects: Anansi meeting Nyema, Nyema giving Anansi the three tasks, Anansi capturing the leopard, Anansi capturing the fairy, etc. (Visual Arts, Visualization.)

Music Project Suggestions: (Arts in Education – Music)

The recording of, ʻAnansi Brings Stories to the World,ʼ features several traditional African instruments, including Marimba, Kalimba, Finger Drum, Gyil (xylophone-type instrument), Talking Drum, Atimevu Drum, Harp, and others.

Music from African cultures is as diverse and interesting as the cultures themselves. Explore with your class the various types of African music. (Music)

Drama Project Suggestions: (Arts in Education – Drama)

The story, ʻAnansi Brings Stories to the World,ʼ can be performed as a drama. Using the written version as the basis for a script, develop a performance with your students, incorporating scenic art similar to the art from Ghana.

A Griot (traditional African storyteller)

The Anansi stories are an ancient and essential part of West African society. Originating from the oral tradition, these folktales were originally told by griots; storytellers who would keep and express the history of a tribe or village through stories and songs. Have students learn to tell this or other Anansi stories. (Storytelling)