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April 17, 2020
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This story and the recording can be used as a means to increase awareness and acceptance of cultural diversity. (Early Civilizations, Equity and Diversity)

About Ghana

This story originates from the Ashanti people, from the region of Western Africa, located primarily in the country currently known as Ghana. Using a map or globe, show your students where Africa is located. Explain that Africa is a continent, made up of over 50 independent countries. Show your students where the country of Ghana is in Africa, and in relation to where your community is located. (Text-to-World, Geography)

Ask your students to share any personal stories they may have involving Ghana, or the continent of Africa. Perhaps someone has relatives, has travelled, or is from there. Just as Anansi shared the stories with the people, encourage your students to share their stories with the class. Explore interesting facts about Ghana, past and present.