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Storyvalues – The Rabbit’s Liver

May 4, 2020

The Rabbit's Liver


Cheryl Thornton - Storyteller

In this story from Korea, a little rabbit is invited by a turtle to visit the underwater kingdom. She is excited to meet the dragon king and queen. Once she arrives however, she must think quickly in order to save her life!

You needn’t worry about this little rabbit! She has lots of special tricks up her sleeve.

As you listen to the story, try to imagine the surroundings. What does the underwater kingdom look like? What do the turtle, the rabbit and dragon king and queen look like? Let your imagination run wild as you picture the scenes in the story! Have fun!


Find a nice quiet place to listen to this story. Pay extra attention to how the music and sound effects work with the words to help you picture what is happening!

What Do YOU Think?

I wonder what you thought of the story of ‘The Rabbits Liver’! I loved how rabbit used her quick wit to get out of danger! We all have amazing qualities that we can use to help others and ourselves.

Play the sound file below for some more ideas about this story!


The main characters in this story are the Dragon King, the Rabbit and the Sea Turtle.

Dragons are imaginary creatures that appear in stories and myths throughout the world. In Asian cultures, such as Korea, they are usually friendly, symbolizing power and the cycle of life.

Sea Turtles are real creatures that exist in every ocean in the world except for the north and south polar regions. They can grow 2 – 3 metres in length and weigh up to 700 kg. (6 to 9 feet, 1500 lbs.)

Rabbits can be found virtually in all parts of the world except Antarctica. They can be found in the wild, living in forests and grasslands. Others are domesticated, kept as pets.


Where is Korea?

Korea is a peninsula; surrounded on three sides by water: The Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. It’s neighbours are China to the west and Japan to the east.

The population of South Korea is around 52 million; it’s capitol city is Seoul.

The population of North Korea is around 26 million; it’s capitol city is Pyongyang.

Ancient Map

This is a very old map of Korea dating back to around the year 1700, which is about the same time the story of ‘The Rabbit’s Liver’ was first told!

Matt's Music Corner

This recording of ʻThe Rabbitʼs Liverʼ features music played on instruments that are traditionally used in both Korea and Japan, such as the Koto (plucked guitar-like instrument), Guqin (zither), Daegeum (flute), and various drums and cymbals. The recording is enhanced with more modern,  instruments as well, such as the synthesizer.


Download COLOURING PAGES for 'The Rabbit's Liver'